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Gergely Takács successful DXN MLM business leader

Gergely Takács


Skype: takacsgergely76

mobile phone: +36 70 628 32 09

E-mail: dxncoffeemagic@gmail.com

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Let's open Lithuanian market with DXN Ganoderma!


Feel free to use my DXN Sponsor code: 310017874 to create your membership

The registration is FREE: CLICK HERE!

Sponsor's DXN ID number: 310017874 

Sponsor's name: Takács Gergely

Follow these steps:


1. Click: Become A New Member (only for new Distributor)
2. Read the DXN Policy then click ‘Continue'
3. Select your country from the drop down menu.
4. Click to ‘Continue'
5. Enter Sponsor's DXN Code: 310017874 
6. Click to ‘Check Sponsor'. If you see ‘Takács Gergely' you did it right 
7. Click to ‘Continue'
8. Complete the online registration (Note: Those areas marked * are mandatory to be filled out correctly.)
9. Click to ‘Continue'
10. Complete declaration
11. Click to ‘Continue'

Congratulations, you have become a DXN distributor and you will be notified in e-mail in couple of minutes.

You can buy the products without paying any registration fee. If you want to do business and earn extra income (we call it bonus) you have to purchase a starter kit in 6 months after free registration. Its price is only 20 euros. You can build your own business from a price of 3-4 coffees, think about it!

If you did the registration please send an e-mail to dxncoffeemagic@gmail.com    
so we can discuss about your plans, trainings and thoughts about your start!


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